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Three recipes for face masks from your vegetable garden

If you’re used to going au naturale in other parts of your life, shouldn’t your skin get the same treatment? These days, it seems like drug store shelves are lined with too many creams and products to try out and see which ones work best for your skin. However, if you’re looking for a more natural way to give your outer layer some TLC, the first place you should look is in your vegetable garden. When you’re just starting out, you may not know which varieties you should plant for the best skin cleansing results. However, by following our tips for beginners, you’ll be well in-the-know on what works best. Check out these top recipes for natural skin beauty from the garden:

A creamy avocado mask
For a smoothing and soothing skin remedy, try Dr. Andrew Ordon’s recipe for avocado-honey moisturizer, as outlined by Reader’s Digest. In a blender, combine 1/4 of a fresh avocado, 1 tablespoon honey and 3 tablespoons of fresh cream until smooth. Apply it to your skin in an even layer and allow it to soak in for at least an hour. Rinse it off with warm water for a silky finish!

A pimple-clearing paste
If you’ve got lemons growing in your garden, Dr. Ordon’s acne spot treatment may be your perfect remedy! Blend water, fresh lemon juice and brewer’s yeast until it reaches a paste-like consistency. Apply it to your blemishes and cover with bandages to keep the air out. After 10 minutes, rinse it away and you will soon notice a reduction in symptoms.

An onion-filled acne treatment
When you think natural skincare, onions are probably not the first ingredients to cross your mind. However, these bulbs have anti-inflammatory properties that can help clear your skin of unwanted acne scars. For the best benefits, The Daily Green suggested starting with an oatmeal mask by combining 1 ounce of purified mineral water with 3 tablespoons of organic oatmeal. Once it has steeped for five minutes, grind one medium onion in a food processor until it has the consistency of a smooth puree. Add the onions to the oatmeal and combine into one paste while the oatmeal is still warm. Rub it onto your skin and allow it to sit for a few minutes for beautiful, clear skin! This recipe will yield enough mask for eight applications, and should stay fresh in your refrigerator for one week.