Show your feelings through plants this Mother’s Day

If your mom is a green thumb, chances are she has quite a variety of perennial flowers already in her backyard, and the regular bouquet or potted plant just won’t cut it for Mother’s Day. If you’re really looking to wow your mom with a plant whose meaning is perfectly suited for who she is, think about giving her one (or more) of these lovely florals.


Your mom is pretty dang cool. She birthed you, raised you – she attained demi-god status long ago. As a true representation of how fantastic women can be, it only makes sense that you would buy her a plant that symbolizes the strength of womanhood.

According to Master Gardener Helen Kirkup, azaleas have long been a symbol of women. Lush vibrant flowers with hearty roots? Yes, this plant sounds about right! Azaleas come in in a variety of shades, ranging from a deep fuchsia to a calm white, so it might be just perfect to surprise mom by planting it in her garden bed for her to wake up to on the morning of Mother’s Day.


Can’t visit your mom in person this Mother’s Day? Show her how much you miss her by sending her a camellia plant, which symbolizes longing and missing someone, according to Kirkup. With its spiral of pointed petals, camellia tend to have a much longer blooming period than most flora, so this gorgeous plant can remind her of you until you get a chance to actually visit.

Most commonly planted in the southern states, this evergreen shrub enjoys light shade and needs a hearty watering during its first few years of life to establish its root system. In full sun, the plant can actually get sunburnt (yellowed edges or areas of the leaf are proof that a camellia’s had too long in the sun), so be sure to tell your mom (in case she doesn’t already know) that she’ll need to give this baby some shade for at least part of the day.


Your mom’s fertility is likely what brought you into this earth (OK, your dad played a part in that, too), so show your gratitude by sending her a lotus flower. The lotus symbolizes birth and fertility as well as enlightenment, and is a symbol of fortune for Buddhists.

And honestly, wouldn’t any mom want to celebrate the good fortune of having a child as thoughtful as you?