Erica Strauss and How She Got Bit by the Gardening Bug

Garden TV chats with professional chef and avid blogger, Erica Strauss, about how she became so involved in the organic gardening world. Erica is the blogger behind Northwest Edible Life, a blog that focuses on the unique challenges of Pacific Northwest Maritime Gardening. This area has a mild climate with a hardiness ranking similar to that of Georgia but without all the heat. So though they can grow vegetables all year round, the challenge is to get them to ripen. So heat loving edibles like oranges are not feasible. Erica’s blog offers tips on how to time your crops and when to harvest them. Her career foundation came from culinary school, and then her work as professional chef and eventually moving into running her own catering company. With the intention of providing better quality organic produce to her customers, she began to do her own vegetable gardening. Then as she says, “I got bit by the gardening bug! Never mind the business benefits to my bottom line; logic went out the window.” She hasn’t looked back since and is now sharing her knowledge with all who care to learn about how to grow their own food. She believes it is a great way to save money while still providing better quality food for your family.
Erica’s advice for beginner edible gardeners: Start out with what you know you and your family like to eat.