Moonlit Flower Gardens

Evening strolls and moonlit walks with a lover are classic picturesque moments in movies and novels. We highly romanticize the hour of the walk, the passionate emotion and the beauty of scenery. Turn your own garden into a dusky destination to wind down the day with your loved one and enjoy the magic of a moonlit garden. While most flowers close up for the night, there are some species that actually begin to bloom in the evening, giving the garden a delicate, fairy-like feel. For an added touch, dot a few dim solar lights throughout the garden to cast a silvery glow on these blooms.

These nocturnal bloomers begin to open in the evening and will stay that way until the first morning light touches them. Moonflowers are similar to morning glories in appearance and come in white or pale purple. Blooms open up to six inches across and the plant itself can grow to be six to 15 feet tall. The flowers are extremely fragrant, but the seeds are poisonous, so grow moonflower up a trellis to keep it out of reach from children and pets. Moonflower is drought-resistant and can be grown as a perennial plant in zones 9-11.

Night-flowering jasmine
While the blooms of this plant may not be as showy as the moonflower​’s, night-flowering jasmine is incredibly fragrant and will attract an assortment of moths and butterflies. This evergreen shrub grows to be about six to 10 feet tall and is perennial in zones 8-11. If night-flowering jasmine is planted using container gardening, it can be brought indoors before the first frost and will continue to bloom throughout the winter.

Flowering tobacco
Unlike moonflower or jasmine, flowering tobacco comes in a variety of colors ranging from white to pink, red or even purple. However, the white varieties are most commonly seen in moon gardens. Flowering tobacco can grow to be 18 inches to 5 feet tall with heirloom varieties being best able to reach their full height. This plant is intensely fragrant and will attract moths and hummingbirds to your yard to feed on its nectar.

Evening primrose
Primroses can be grown as either biennial or perennial flowers and have bright yellow flowers that stay closed up during the day. Once the dusk hits, they begin to open and brighten up your nighttime atmosphere. This plant grows to be about seven inches tall and dies after two years. However, evening primrose is a prolific self-seeder and will be able to replace itself after it dies.