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Intro to Aquaponics: Growing Fish and Veggies Together.

The new buzz word in gardening and horticulture is “Aquaponics.” In this video, Greg Hendrick of Foody Products explains more about this exciting trend that involves growing fish and vegetables together in one closed-loop, space-saving system. Hendrick shows Holly Hamilton a vertical gardening tower that fits 35 plants into just two square feet of floorspace, allowing a more economical approach to growing.

Utilizing aquaponics, gardeners are able to use just 10 percent of the water used in a normal garden. Sound fishy? The fish waste feeds the plants, which saves on nutrients that would otherwise be purchased, and the fish in turn clean the water. Watch below to learn more about the latest in aquaponics or learn more by visiting their web site (Foody Products )or on Facebook.