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DIY – The Drunken Botanist – Shrub Drinks

Does adding water harm or enhance the flavor of mixed drinks?

Can you drink a shrub?Or maybe you’re wondering, “Should I spank my herbs?” Listen to The Drunken Botanist (best-selling author, Amy Stewart) explain about fascinating alternative cocktails that will dance on your taste buds and may just leave you lighter on your feet. In this follow up video, she also discusses some of her recommended Tools of the trade, like a handheld citrus squeezer, metal shakers, a handheld drink strainer, a Citrus zester and a small funnel to pour your delectable concoction into a small travel flask.

Watching this video will show you why a black light is the perfect accessory to show off dancing molecules. And, speaking of dancing, you’ll see Amy shake things up a bit as her delightful presentation energizes and “infuses” her audience. Visit her website at