Dawn Hummel, Gardening for the Stars, Garden Writer & Marketing Expert

Gardening for the stars may sound glamorous, but Dawn Hummel reveals in this interview with Holly Hamilton that her job is not always what the public perceives. As a marketing expert who helps gardeners around the country market their books and plants, Hummel says her experience working on Simon Cowell’s garden is the perfect example of the dirt behind the scenes. Because an Italian landscape artist did not want the wooded plant material to touch edges when it was being trucked to Cowell’s house, it was her job to figure out a shipping plan that ultimately ended up costing more than the plants themselves.

Hummel’s unique background in trucking – something she adamantly wanted to get out of when she left the industry to work as sales and marketing manager of Blooming Nursery in Oregon – ended up coming back to haunt her and ultimately gave her a competitive advantage in the work she does now.  In this video she discusses some of her current projects, including work on Stephanie Cohen’s book and Dr. Allen Armitage’s gardening app. Not only is she a marketing expert, she’s an award winning tradeshow booth and display designer and knows her way around a garden as well. Her specialty is staged, perennial bed planting designs, seasonal potted containers and garden renovations.

To learn more visit www.upshoothort.com or connect with Hummel on Facebook or Twitter (@BeeDazzGardens).