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Bug repellent and lighting, oh my!

In need of some nice mood lighting for your organic vegetable garden that will also keep the summer mosquitoes at bay? No problems here. If you’ve imbibed a few food/wine pairings lately and still have the remnant bottles, all you need are a few additional supplies, and you’ve got yourself some great reusable tiki torches. Don’t believe us? Read on.

What you’ll need
In addition to the bottles, you’ll need a little bit of copper, a few thick wicks (you can find replacement wicks for standard tiki torches) and some tape. The copper coupling, along with the tape and wick, all cost around $4. You’ll also need a bit of citronella torch fuel to keep your torch going.

How to
Once you’ve gathered your supplies, start by wrapping a bit of the tape around the wick to create a bit of a nice base for the copper. Then, start wrapping the copper coupling around the top of the wick – the copper should take up about one inch of the top of the wick. When you are wrapping the cooper, test it to make sure that it is wide enough  to sit on top of the bottle – because the copper is acting as the “stopper” to keep the entire wick from falling in, it’s imperative that you make sure the wire is wound thick enough.

After you’ve built a stead wick, add the citronella to the washed-out wine bottle, enough so that the wick easily reaches the citronella when placed inside the bottle. Add the wick to the bottle, light it and enjoy! The benefits of after-hour lighting and a bug-free night will soon be yours.