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Kids are getting adult diseases. One in three children are obese and likely to develop Type 2

Diabetes. Furthermore, today’s generation of children are predicted to be the first to die at a

younger age than their parents due to obesity­related health problems. This is unacceptable.

The good news is this epidemic is reversible just by eating healthier and exercising. And when

kids grow vegetables they eat vegetables. It’s that simple.

Healthy Planet is a non­profit dedicated to inspiring a new generation of conscious eaters.

Our goal is a garden in every school in America. In just two years, we’ve helped over 6,500

students & families at 14 schools. School gardens give students hands on experience,

connect them to what they eat, and nurture their creativity and entrepreneurship. By

establishing a garden in their school, we make it easy for students to improve the health and

well­being of their peers and families, strengthen their communities and help heal the planet.

However, our Healthy Growing program does more than just put gardens into schools. We

use our know­how and the successful crowdfunding model to create a garden, educate,

inspire, and provide integrated hands on learning for students. 100% of our schools have

raised enough money for successful school gardens, while 93% have reached their ambitious

fundraising goals. Our Healthy Growing gardens bring teachers, students, parents and local

businesses together around a common goal. The result is a sustainable school garden, a

more connected, environmentally educated community and a new generation of children who

not only understand the difference between a potato and a French fry, but also sometimes

choose the potato over the French fry.

The easy part is building the garden. The hard part is figuring out what to do with it, how to

pay for it, and how to ensure it’s around for awhile. We help with all of that and involve the

local community and volunteers at every stage. Healthy Planet works together with a school

to develop a custom, comprehensive, sustainable school garden program. We create a

program tailored to each climate, location and community. We provide lesson plans for

teachers to create a learning bridge between the garden and the broader curriculum. We also

provide the school with a community crowdfunding platform, plus the resources to raise

money and community support to get the school garden on its feet. We use our experience

and garden program savvy to take a school all the way from that first bag of mulch through to

the first bowl of tasty, fresh salsa. With Healthy Growing, kids don’t just hear about growing

vegetables, cooking food, and designing a business – they do it

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