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3 tips for making a great fruit salad

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is great, but for many, the best part of reaping the harvests of their vegetable gardens is finding new combinations for their favorite ingredients. If you fall into this category, odds are that you love fruit and are looking for new ways to healthily tantalize your taste buds. Have no fear – doing so is both fun and easy and requires very few gardening tips to accomplish. Once you’ve picked your favorite fruits out of the ground and off your trees, try out these tips for transforming fresh ingredients into a kickin’ fruit salad:

Think seasonally
When fresh fruit is in season, it will have awesome textures and flavors that meld together with other varieties. Even if there are a few different fruits tossed together, one that is mealy, bland or otherwise not ideal can ruin the integrity of the whole mix. Taste-test each of your fruits before throwing themĀ into the bowl – you won’t regret it! This way, you can make sure everything is up to par before you dig in.

Cut in uniform pieces
A great salad has variety but still represents each fruit equally. When you’re preparing your bounty, try to make sure that each fruit is served in pieces of relatively the same size. So, for example, if you’re serving up a mixture of raspberries, oranges, strawberries and melon, using the raspberries as a side guideline is ideal. Cut each orange segment and strawberry in half and chop the melon so the pieces are all equal. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite flavors without feeling like one is overpowering the mix. If you’re craving a bite of something specific, you can always dig through and spear a few pieces of the same fruit to satisfy your tastes.

Be diligent with cleaning
You obviously want your fruit salad to taste good, but there are other factors that come into play as well to help you make the perfect fruit salad. Before serving, make sure to wash each fruit thoroughly and remove any bruises or blemishes. While you’re at it, take special care to make sure that all seeds, skins, pits and stems are picked out and peeled off of each variety. Follow this guideline, and your fruit salad will be as beautiful as it is delicious!